Men’s Health is a longstanding men’s magazine that focuses on a range of health issues, like mental health and weight loss. Their website publishes short and long-form content promoting the magazine, as well as products, events and wellness programmes. Men’s Health Plus is an online shopping site that sells digital copies of special issues that they released in the past. Special issues are directly purchasable from the site and immediately downloadable.

What are the goals for Men’s Health Plus?

A couple of products exist as external products that link to two training programme websites that we built as well: MH Belly Off Health Plan and MH Speed Shred Health Plan.

At the moment, the website is a minimal viable product that we plan to expand as time goes by. To include buying merchandise and gift boxes, once Men’s Health can control their stock and warehousing. For the moment, a third party handles the sale and shipping of physical products. The homepage links to online places where customers can buy physical products.

Then finally, Men’s Health Plus is meant to drive to subscriptions for print and digital versions of the magazine. These are promoted with a large hero or banner on the homepage as well.

The power of WooCommerce is a perfect fit for Men’s Health Plus.

WooCommerce powers Men’s Health Plus and a fair few of its official extensions add more power and flexibility to their service offering. Most notably: Order Status Control automatically completes orders so that customers can skip the processing email and there is less admin for shop administrators to do.

Sequential Order Numbers Pro adds a suffix to order numbers because many Men’s Health eCommerce platforms are using the same connected payment processor account. From an accounting perspective, the suffix indicates the origin of every sale.

The Social Login extension makes it very easy to join the site without having to enter personal information. New customers can join and log in using Facebook, Twitter and Google.

Men’s Health Plus proudly uses our LSX Software.

LightSpeed did all of the design for the project. The theme is the same as with every project we have developed in recent years. Our trusty parent theme for WordPress called LSX. You can download it for free from our LSX product site. We are also using two extensions for the theme; LSX Customizer and LSX Blocks.





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