The Challenge

The team from Fairlady approached us to build a low carb meal plan and recipes site. The site would need to focus on a daily meal plan featuring low-carb meals and accompanying recipes for each day. In order to achieve this we would need to use our LSX theme and modify our LSX health plan plugin to exclude workouts and focus entirely on the meal plan and recipes components. We also had to factor in a deviation in the PDF downloads that users would access throughout the plan, as these needed to be connected per week.

Another key requirement was for there to be a searchable recipes archive with sidebar filters. Our software did not immediately support this, so this would be another challenging aspect of the build

The Solution

The LSX Health Plan plugin was modified by applying a customised child theme. This disabled the workouts and any other unnecessary content, and focused purely on connecting the recipes into the user experience.

In the users dashboard controlled by WooCommerce, we added the functionality for weekly downloads to be displayed. Previously, our core software only allowed for these downloads to be displayed within a single day, but for this project the users needed to be able to download a weekly shopping list, as well as an offline copy of the meal plan. We achieved this by adding a sidebar for the downloads within the weekly overview. The need for this change highlighted some usability issues in the core software, so in the end we added this change into the core of the plugin.

The tabs within the daily plan, where change to accept three meal slots: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Within each of these tabs the recipes where displayed with an image, ingredients list and cooking instructions. This allowed users immediate access to the meal plan recipes for each day.

Our software was also expanded to include faceted search for the recipes archive page. This would allow users to browse the recipes and swap out meals as they’d prefer, as well as being able to filter by meal type and paleo recipes.

Ultimately this “simple” site was a massive success! The designs looked amazing and set the tone for an awesome collaboration with the client. We uncovered some really important usability issues with our core software and were able to improve on this, while delivering an eye catching, considered and accessible meal plan site for our client.




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